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Rules of Engagement

Moses Receives Ten Commandments
After delivering his people from slavery in Egypt, God now pursues his heart’s desire, to be in intimate fellowship with his people. To this end, God gives us his Rules of Engagement. Not rules for engaging an enemy but rules for an intimate engagement with a Holy God.

God’s desire to be near his people is just as passionate today as it was in Moses time. God wants to be with you! Just as God made and revealed a way to be with God, a place to be with God and how to overcome the greatest obstacle to being with God to Moses and the people of Israel, God also wants us to learn the way to be with God, the place to be with God and how to tear down the obstacle that stands between us and God.

This Sunday, October 6th, come learn about the way, place and power that will make it possible for you to experience God’s presence in your life.


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