Dunamis number five, Spiritual Warfare for Kingdom Advance is off and running!

Jesus Abby Oct 2013

This last weekend was a wonderful time of relaxation and restoration at Jesus Abby. Jesus Abby is a community of Christians committed to loving God and each other while serving the world. It is hard to describe the experience of being a guest in a community who speak a language I don’t speak or understand and yet feeling welcome and like I

Jesus Abby Colors Oct 2013

belong. On top of the wonderful community experience it was a beautiful weekend in the mountains with the trees turning brilliant orange, yellow and red.

Today we kicked off the Spiritual Warfare workshop, the fifth in the Dunamis series here in Danyang, South Korea. There are seventy participants and an additional fifteen leadership team members. As usual, these are pretty “high power” pastors and ministry leaders. Most come from larger congregations. It is always amazing to see such folks carving a full week out of their busy schedules to learn about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. I love getting to interact with such high quality men and women of God.

We started with a general introduction and with a discussion of the Kingdom of God. Tomorrow we will start with a careful look at the kingdom of Satan, so that we can understand the enemy. Then we will begin to explore how the war is won on an individual basis.


Pastor Tom

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