Back in South Korea

garlic - uhmook-bokkeum-1 I’m back in Danyang, South Korea again for PRMI.

After approximately 22 hours of travel I made it to Seoul. Friends picked me up and delivered me to Danyang. Once in Danyang we stopped at a “famous” restaurant that specializes in garlic. We had a greater assortment of garlic dishes than I knew existed. It’s a good thing I love garlic.

The days ahead will be exciting as we work toward the creation of a new PRMI Regional Expression here in South Korea, develop a fledgling “Dunamis Publishing Company”, visit Jesus Abby and that’s just between now and Sunday evening.

Starting on Monday morning we get to teach the Dunamis workshop on Spiritual Warfare. Yippee Ki Yay. Keep us in prayer.

Jet lag is beating me about the head and shoulders so, that’s all for now.


Pastor Tom

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