What We Believe

As a congregation we recite this periodically as part of worship; every meeting of our Session and Board of Deacons opens with this recitation; and it appears on every Sunday bulletin that we might not forget how God calls us to cherish our relationships with one another.



 We, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Branson, join in covenant this day with our Lord Jesus Christ and with each other.

We covenant that to the best of our ability we will work to answer the prayer of Jesus found in John 17, in which He prayed that we become one.

We covenant to become and remain single-minded, focused on Him.

We covenant to speak positively about our brothers and sisters, speaking and acting in ways that honor and build them up, not entertaining any negative comments about them.

We covenant to take the initiative to resolve conflict directly.[i]

We covenant to honor God’s set authorities and seek unity in place of discord.

We covenant to practice servanthood; our goal is to serve, rather than be served.

We covenant to work together in unity to lift You up before all men, Lord Jesus, so that they would be drawn to You and receive eternal life.

[1] Matthew 5:23-24 and Matthew 18:15-17